LouisianaChildren.org is a member-focused organization whose mission is to support evidence-based programs and services for vulnerable families.  LouisianaChildren.org is the statewide association for Child Advocacy Centers and CASA of Louisiana




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Dear Elected Officials, Candidates for Office:


Serving in public office is both a demanding and rewarding experience. As an elected official or candidate, you are no doubt being contacted by the many special interest groups that participate actively in the political process. There is one group of constituents that do not have political action committees and representatives attending your campaign events – the children of our state.


Children represent 25% of the population of Louisiana and have very specific needs that demand your attention. Financing programs to meet their needs has a high return on investment. This Platform will help you identify needs and gaps in services, understand evidence-based practices and allow you to determine where to provide scarce State dollars for maximum return on investment (ROI).


This resource was developed with the assistance of child well-being experts who have extensive knowledge of both research and practice from the organizations listed below. An initial draft of the document was widely circulated among child-serving agencies and community leaders across the state for review. It was vetted by numerous people and continues to gather support and comment.



We welcome your questions, opportunities for meetings, and to assist in any way in your decision making as you address the needs of our children.


An exective summary of the platform can be read here. For the full document, click here. For more information, email platform@louisianapartnership.org.